acrylic picks
Hello my friends! Another product now available from yours truly!
Finish off that gorgeous cake or flower arrangement with a custom initial or name pick!


These specially cut items can also can be used for table numbers for your special event.
They come in all letters and symbols! FULL NAMES OR YOUR COMPANY LOGO ARE POSSIBLE TOO!


Comes in 1/8″ CLEAR Acrylic, with other colours available


You with a 3″, 6″, or 8″ spike


OPTIONAL FINISHES are available at an additional fee:
• Silver or Gold Foil finish
• Glittered coverage
• Swarovski Crystals in any colour
Local Pickup in Woodbridge, Ontario or Shipping is available at an additional fee.
Email me at or call me at 416.274.2802 to order yours today!

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Hey Folks,
You can now purchase personalized satin ribbon with no roll minimums & no additional plate fees!!
Whats even better is we have ribbon in OVER A HUNDRED colours…(cause we all know how difficult it is to find the perfect colour!)
Ribbon is available in single or double faced satin.
Widths are available in: 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 5/8″, 7/8″, and 1-1/2″
Email me at with your ribbon inquiry including the colour desired, width and amount you are looking to order.
Colour swatches are to be uploaded soon!
Happy Wrapping!!


Dec 10, 2012



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Happy Friday Everyone!
I had the pleasure of taking part in this gorgeous wedding as a vendor and as a bridesmaid, and what an experience it was!!
Vanessa is the manager and daughter of the owners at Sposaitalia, a well known Bridal Boutique in Woodbridge, Ontario. So, coming from a family that’s been dressing brides in top notch materials and designer dresses, Vanessa knew that she wanted something unique as her wedding invitation, as she’d seen it all. Alberts (her fiancé) family are also entrepreneurs who deal with fabrics on a daily basis…but one type you don’t see that often in the wedding industry…leather.
It was only fitting that their invite be produced on some sort of material, other than paper.
So with the collaboration of the bride and groom, their families and I, we created a one of a kind invite (a keepsake I’d call it) printed and embroidered on leather, enclosed in a hinged tin. One of those pieces that you’ll truly keep as a memory of this extraordinary day!
You’ll get to see Vanessa and Albert on their wedding day, and through the process of planning on Bada Bling Brides airing on TLC:
November 9 at 8pm
November 10 at 1am
November 11 at 11am
November 15 at 7pm
Make sure to watch!!
Enjoy xoxo

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So, I’m going to try my hardest to fit into my schedule, a blog post with pics at least once a week. It’ll be my gateway to you, in between me trying to get a website up and fully functional.

Now, this particular invitation, you may have noticed on my facebook banner…BUT the entire set cannot go without a featured post.

The Bride to be here, Daniela, is quite freakin’ awesome actually. Not only cause we share the same name (tee hee AND with one L I might add), we have very similar interests when it comes to styling and design and her version of Bridal Shower and wedding is right up my alley.

I was so excited to build a Tea-Inspired stationery set with her and put together a package with so many little details. (there are even some pieces missing believe it or not). Inspired by Twinnings, a popular tea brand. I decided to create Daniela’s own Bridal Shower icon “Love is Brewing” to be the main item carried throughout her stationery, acting a little like a logo. Printed on Pearlescent cardstock, the invite was dual layered and contained a back pocket holding her rsvp card and tea bag shaped map (complete with string and tab!). One of my favourite parts to the invite set is the reply card….must must read from top to bottom!!…Awesome right?!

We also created custom table top standing menus, ballots for a few games, raffle tickets and scratch tickets for each guest!!

Enjoy the photos, Can wait to show off her AWESOME taste in wedding stationery!! xox

Until next time…

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Good Wednesday Peeps!

My first destination wedding invite set was a super fun set to create, and I think, a super success! It combined a few things that I love…(bare with me while I reminisce, and are in no particular order…)

1 • The destination is Aruba.
I had the pleasure of visiting Aruba for my honeymoon, and I must say, it is one of the most memorable hotspots I’ve ever been to. We all love the beach and our hotels & resorts, but after touring the island, and experiencing what Aruba had to offer… there was something about it that felt more like home, and not just a vacation.

2 • The ceremony location is the Alto Vista Chapel
My husband and I toured the entire island (it’s not that big lol), and this was our last ‘sight-seeing’ spot, and by far, my favourite.  The drive up to the chapel was something that will always remain fresh in my memory. A long winding road, lined with 14 white crosses (depicting the stations of the cross) surrounded with trees & cacti, finally opens up and leads you up to this quaint & deserted Catholic chapel, with a backdrop that is absolutely breathtaking. (see a pic too below).
I was in awe that Marilyn and Michele were able to plan their wedding there!

3 • The Couple was just so in Love!
When I first met Marilyn and Michele, they were just so super cute together. You could tell how happy and excited they were, it was just pouring out all over my meeting desk. lol. I was excited I could work with them and help design an invite set that met all of their criteria!

4 • The Colour Palette
Mint and Coral = <3. Hint hint peeps: I really do think *Mint* is going to make a huge appearance soon.

What do you think of the set?!
I wish nothing but love and best wishes to Marilyn and Michele on their journey to experiencing their once in a lifetime wedding!


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Hello my Invitiquettes!

One of my favourite clients ALWAYS has some great event themes, and I’ve had the privilege of creating some of my best and iconic pieces for her, and the guest of honour: Cristian (her son).

This year for Cristian’s 2nd Birthday is no different. As soon as I found out the theme ~Sesame Street~ I instantly had a flood of ideas. After a brief meet, I knew she longed for a unique invite that her close family and friends can have as a keepsake.

I was super excited to combine laser cut & laser engraved wood and plastic pieces for this one of a kind invitation!!

Wouldnt you keep this?!?!


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I know its been a while since my last post, however, I have been super busy servicing all of my fabulous clients! I am super excited for this wedding season. Really cool ideas this year, cant wait to share :) . Be sure to check back throughout the year, as I post these super cool invites.

Anywho, here are a few photos from Renaissance Studios of my wedding…well…not photos of me but items available at Invitique that is!

Enjoy xo

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