One Happy Island

Dec 10, 2012



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Good Wednesday Peeps!

My first destination wedding invite set was a super fun set to create, and I think, a super success! It combined a few things that I love…(bare with me while I reminisce, and are in no particular order…)

1 • The destination is Aruba.
I had the pleasure of visiting Aruba for my honeymoon, and I must say, it is one of the most memorable hotspots I’ve ever been to. We all love the beach and our hotels & resorts, but after touring the island, and experiencing what Aruba had to offer… there was something about it that felt more like home, and not just a vacation.

2 • The ceremony location is the Alto Vista Chapel
My husband and I toured the entire island (it’s not that big lol), and this was our last ‘sight-seeing’ spot, and by far, my favourite.  The drive up to the chapel was something that will always remain fresh in my memory. A long winding road, lined with 14 white crosses (depicting the stations of the cross) surrounded with trees & cacti, finally opens up and leads you up to this quaint & deserted Catholic chapel, with a backdrop that is absolutely breathtaking. (see a pic too below).
I was in awe that Marilyn and Michele were able to plan their wedding there!

3 • The Couple was just so in Love!
When I first met Marilyn and Michele, they were just so super cute together. You could tell how happy and excited they were, it was just pouring out all over my meeting desk. lol. I was excited I could work with them and help design an invite set that met all of their criteria!

4 • The Colour Palette
Mint and Coral = <3. Hint hint peeps: I really do think *Mint* is going to make a huge appearance soon.

What do you think of the set?!
I wish nothing but love and best wishes to Marilyn and Michele on their journey to experiencing their once in a lifetime wedding!


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